The Family Friendly

March Men's College Basketball Tournament Brackets

Based solely on the teams' Mascots!


  • Updates REAL TIME with live tournament play, advancing the winning mascots along, just like in standard tourney brackets. Easily toggle between your bracket and live results
  • Built with playful, yet confident engaging CARTOON MASCOTS, closely resembling the real mascots; appealing to children and adults alike
  • NO LIMIT to the number of brackets you can create within the application, so involve the entire family!
  • Rewarding incentives like STARS and TROPHIES awarded as participants choose each winning mascot, keeping the decision process engaging, entertaining, and fun for all ages
  • Helpful visual, "strength indicators" represent the teams' seed in the actual tournament

No need to understand RPIs or bracketology... Just a good eye for which mascot you think would reign over the other, in the March Basketball Tournament Madness fun!

So which mascot will YOU pick this March?

Incredible Mascot Artwork by Sebastian Hardy
The Haphazard Land

Background basketball-court image licensed from iStock. By Getty Images

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